the project

Kahler (Lux. Koler) is a little inconspicuous village on the countryside of West-Luxembourg. The project „Make Koler Kooler“ is lending this village an added value by turning it into a

constantly growing urban-art museum.


The goal is to bring colourful street art to the surroundings by painting many house facades, barns and bridges. Because the art can be found in the streets of Kahler, it is easily and freely accessible to everybody. Alain Welter started the project in early 2017 after finishing his studies of Illustration-Design in Berlin. At this time the project is in its first stages and will grow bit by bit.





Progress shots from Monday!

Some artists have already finished their murals, but you can also have a look at the artworks in progress!
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36 minutes ago  ·  

Today, these eight walls under the motorway bridge in Koler are going to be painted, too!
This time, I have chosen 8 local artists and friends to paint one pillar of the bridge respectively.

The artists are:
- Joel Rollinger
- Stick
- Michel Kremer
- Freelo
- Eric Mangen
- Daniel Mac Lloyd
- Raphael Gindt
- Alain Welter

I'm curious about being the host this time and excited about what the murals will look like in the end!

Feel free to come by and enjoy this collective graffiti session!
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2 days ago  ·  

Big thanks to Pipo and Jonah for helping me priming this huge amount of walls!!👌💥 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  


The Artist

Alain Welter is an Illustrator and Mural Artist from Luxembourg, so his works vary from magazine illustrations to large murals. Basically his works are very striking to bring the main idea forward. After his three years of illustration studies at the BTK in Berlin he is now working on his personal project „Make Koler Kooler“ by turning his hometown Koler into a constantly growing Urban Art Museum.

He worked already for clients such as:

Boesner Künstlerbedarf
DUMMY magazine
Forum magazine
Post Luxembourg
Réger Burger Foodtruck
Naturwelten Bio&Fair
De Läbbel


Stay tuned!

Alain Welter, Illustrator